Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I remember back many years ago, my youngest Houston nephew was getting in big trouble with his parents for repeatedly not doing his homework. Being the wonderful uncle I was, I took him aside and tried to understand. "Listen", I said, "surely you realize that it will eventually catch up with you. I mean, your teachers are sure to let your parents know you are not doing any work, and they will come down heavily on you and you'll have to do it. So why not just do it now". "Blackuncleo", he said, "you never know what may happen tonight. Maybe there will be a tornado that wipes out the whole school. Maybe the world will end, or the school could burn down. You never know?". My nephew Paul may not remember this conversation, but it could have been yesterday it's so real to me.

What is interesting is this same philosophy now runs rampant in our house. Maybe it's genetic. Nephew Paul grew into a big, strong, reliable adult. We are all most proud of him. So maybe there's hope for the procrastinators of Rehov HaNevel. I dearly hope so.


oliviao said...

I hope you don't get as many gray hairs...oh well, at least he turned out wonderful!!

postrin said...

Man, making the blog is like winning an award, you can't imagine the phone calls

I don't remember saying it, but it is definitely something I could have said. Although most of the time as I am busy working the mines, my father's speech on "Just do it, blah,blah,blah" rings through my head, there is often a time that I think, what's the point? These days I guess you'd probably just say it's all on some server somewhere and so that ain't gonna help.


oliviao said...

Best laugh I have had in ages - see he DID listen to Arnie...there's hope for Heckle and Jeckyll!