Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Streetlight Manifesto

Blacksono has been on my case for weeks to listen to "The Streetlight Manifesto" which is now his favourite group. I finally gave it a whirl last weekend and have been listening since then. It's perfect cooking music - as the boy says, "it's the happiest music about death you will ever hear". We have listened to "Somewhere In The Between" and "Everything Goes Numb" while making chrain, cooking matzo ball soup, making potato kugel, arranging tables, cleaning a million dishes and a billion knives and forks, and finally goomiying the floor (Jo not I). Anyway I found this video on YouTube and it seems to show their craziness and energy. I am not sure this is the best video out there but there are too many to go through and this one is cool non the less.

p.s. I know it is not Tuesday but yesterday was an archaeology day so you will have to just deal with it.

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Jozie said...

These guys are awesome. Serious energy. The boy says it SKA, but sounds a lot like klezmer to me. (maybe not in this song)
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