Monday, April 12, 2010

Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch

I was looking for something interesting to post on music Tuesday when I stumbled on this unbelievable piece of history. The sound is really bad and I had to crank up my speakers to 11 to hear anything, but its a classic of Israeli music in my mind. Arik Einstein and Shalom Hanoch with "Why do I care?". I think it is great.


Jozie said...

Really like that. Wow, they are so young. Now the big question is this: who the hell is the other guy.. and who is the blonde chick. I am fascinated. Thanks for posting.

joch said...

The other guy is Uri Zohar, of course. No idea who the blond chick is, but they are all very high, naturally.
BTW, I believe it should be translated "Why Should I Care".