Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Conversation in the House of Black

Guest post by Jo
7 PM. Master bedroom, Jo (Blackwifeo) on the bed, Blackpetero in his chair (where else) patting BlackLola who refuses to leave the upstairs floor, even though bdo never feeds her or changes the cat box

So you really believe that the fact I posted our address on the blog was why we got robbed?"

Wifeo: "Well its a possibility. I mean, one is supposed to be anonymous online and not post personal details, and somebody told me that that may have had something to do with it."

Man-in-blacko: "Jo- you will believe anything. That's ridiculous."

Wifeo: "hhhm. well its possible."

Pierre-le'noir-o: "so tell me, where are the 3 garbage bags of laundry that were downstairs?"

Wifeo: "They got sent out to Lootzik the Laundromat, who is now not Lootzik the Laundromat any more."

"so we spent countless thousands of shekels getting the Jonathans etc working again, and now you are sending out the washing. I bet Lootzik, who is now not Loootzik bought the Laundromat solely based on the fact that you send in the laundry to them all the time."

Understandably-defensive-wifeo: "It's not every week!!! and its not ALL the washing (I do the undies). And after you bitched about the socks getting lost, I haven't sent those in once. Anyway, its once in a blue moon, when I am so inundated that I cannot catch up. Oh, and Aziza still doesn't know how to run the machine, and black motherinlaw has not been over to help me for 3 weeks, cause Aunty Tony was visiting from San Diego. Don't forget that you fired her, remember?."

Pietro-nero: (in a typically petero tone of voice): "So we are actually saving money by having a big American size washing machine and dryer and not using it."

Sweet-pucked-upon-wifeo: "Well, its summer and we shouldn't be using the drier anyway- --are you going to hang up the washing everyday?"

Aswad-Beetero: "Not only is this whole thing ridiculous, but I hate the way they fold the washing. Lootzik did a better job. I mean what is the point."

Wifeo: "well, its too late, its gone, finito la comedia!"

Schwarzapetero: "oh, and its a good thing the cats are not in the house anymore"

Fed-up-wifeo: "oh shutup already, I am trying to play Lexulous"


blackpetero said...

Clearly that's the wife's rant. I had nothing to do with it. It's not even true. I know she sent out the socks.

The Babujanies said...

I have actual tears pouring down my face

oliviao said...

Not to mix in, but she's got you pegged!!I thought you wrote it until I saw that Jo posted it...