Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gypsy Girl

In a galaxy far, far away, we once owned a record shop. Alon, Jonny and I were foolish youngsters with dreams in our hearts and no brains in our heads. We did have killer parties though. Somehow I found the 12" single of Creulla De Ville's "classic" hit Gypsy Girl (I still have it here in my office). We knew nothing about the band (luckily Wikipedia knows all), and had no idea that the two leads were twins, that the female was the excellently named Philomena Muinzer, and the reason they never made an album was that the drummer "absconded with the recordings". Well, we danced and danced to this song at those parties in Ein Karem.

p.s. I had a completely different song picked out for today, when the black wife asked about this song in a blog comment. This needed mentioning to prove I listen!


jozie said...

Thanks for that. I feel totally dizzy.

The Babujanies said...

Oh my hat! Haven't thought of that song since then. If you look closely at the drummer...he has that almost obvious thinking-of-taking-off-with-the-recordings look in his eye.

brianisra said...

My hat too! Vivid memories of people spinning out of control at my post-Jerusalem flat in Ra'anana with Davey from down under, at one of our parties, rich with raw ZMusic musical influence.

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Philomena Muinzer in London. It's great to think that you danced and danced to our song in Ein whereever. Wherever IS Ein wherever? Love Philomena (Notting Hill, London)


Philomena said...

This is a haunting lost classic about loneliness I wrote in the 80s and the video is now on YouTube:

Please will you watch this video and post it? I would like this classic to have a bigger airing. With many thanks. Philomena

Cruella De Ville: Who's At The Door


Also available on iTunes: