Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Earring

Finding a black earring is hard work. I have searched the world and now have quite a collection of earrings, none costing more than $1.99. I get so many infections from the crap metal, that the alcohol used to clean a crusty, sore ear piercing lives by our sink. So when the lovely and vivacious blackwifeo slyly interrogated me as to what I wanted for my birthday (she very subtly proclaimed, "You're impossible to buy anything for, if you don't tell me what do you want, you're getting nothing", I told her I wanted a "nice" earring (knowing that nice equals expensive for bwo). She bitched and moaned about how busy she is and how it's not possible to find that kind of thing just anywhere. But, she is a shopping savant.

Well yesterday she presented me with my very own hand made, white gold, sapphire filled earring (it looks black, OK, it's a "black" sapphire, they do exist, look on wikipedia). I love it. My bwo rocks.


scarlet said...

cool present
your wife is very patient, id ahve bougnht you a pair of socks and a pipe.

oliviao said...

or a belt!

blackpetero said...

Well luckily bwo is a kinder gentler sort of spouse :-)