Sunday, May 10, 2009


While I try keep upbeat about life, sometimes the despair just takes over. Nothing rocks my world more than when I come in from work only to find the house trashed and the kids shirking any responsibility for the disorder. Either they left the house without a second thought for the others that live here, or else they're completely oblivious to the mess. Where have we gone wrong? Why is it impossible for them to realize that doing some dishes, cleaning the cat box or taking out the trash are just a tiny fraction of what it takes to keep this family running. They are not little children. I understand their difficulty in thinking of their future, but this is the present we are talking.

I hate facing failure in myself. I suppose the despair is just my utter lack of success in getting through to my kids about these simple things. I'm furious that this parenting thing has completely beaten me.


oliviao said...

Just wait a little while and they will have children of their own - you will have the pleasure of grandchildren and payback!!

blackpetero said...

Yeah I know. I should just live according to our family motto "This like all else, too, will pass".

Scarlet said...

Boy, n.: a noise with dirt on it.

Girl, n.: an explosion in human form.