Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Smoking

I'm tired today. I have little energy. Perhaps I'm getting sick. I have no strength to blog. I should rant and rave about Dudu Topaz's (famous Israeli entertainer) arrest in connection with the beating of a number of TV execs. I assume they did not like his show. Better yet I should have blogged about, the Knesset rejecting the "loyalty oath" proposed by Yisrael Beiteinu. This bill stated that all those who wish to retain their citizenship declare their loyalty to Israel as a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state and will serve Israel either through military service or some alternative. This bill blatantly targets Israel's 20% Arab minority. I do like the following quote of Avishay Braverman, Minority Affairs Minister who hoped "bills such as this one will not be brought before this government or any future government, and sanity will once again play a role in the governing of the state of Israel." Since when has sanity had anything at all to do with governing Israel?

The big news around our house is that tomorrow, June 1, blackwifeo is giving up smoking. So am I. This will not be easy and I expect all of you (OK, both of you) that read this to provide support and encouragement. She is rather nervous and worried and full of self-doubt, its funny, because we all know she can do it. So if she's a little snappier and grumpier than usual, have patience peter. I, on the other hand, should have no trouble, I give up all the time.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck guys - don't sweat it.