Thursday, May 21, 2009

No More Socializing

When we first came to Israel, the kids went to local school. One thing I could never understand was the driving need for Israeli parents to be friends. Every school outing they would try get all the parents to come along. At bonfires, tiyulim (field trips), teacher evenings, they were always trying to get the parents to hang out together. The end of the year parties were pretty much an excuse for the parents to meet. If god forbid your child did some extra-curricular activities like soccer, macrame or group screaming, there too you were expected to meet and enjoy socializing with the other parents. At the beginning of the year, there were the "getting to know you" gettogethers, then all through the year the obligatory festival parties or meals and at the end of the year you were expected to attend "farewell" parties. Now really. We have enough friends. We don't have enough time to see the ones we have already acquired, so why look for more? No wonder no one in Israel has time for hobbies.

When our two offspring moved to the American School, I was happy to see that a quality school understands that all we want is to be left alone. No end of the year parties for parents and only the minimum of parents needed to volunteer to give rides on field trips. Nice and impersonal, that's how I like it. So why, why, why do I have to go tonight to a post Poland Holocaust Trip Evening, where "students share their experiences and photos with parents etc. etc." The boy went to Poland. O.K. He showed us the journal and the pictures. It made an impact, he "got it". This must be because the trip was organized and run by the locals. They're very social are my people. Next there will be a Facebook group and monthly Post Poland decompression meetings for parents. No, I say. No.

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