Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm still worn out from yesterday's blog tirade. It was quite exhausting. So I have nothing specific to report today - only that I hate doing paperwork. My U.S. taxes are due soon and I have a bunch of school financial forms to fill out so I filed and Quicken'ed and sorted and trashed. Horrible work. It's amazing how much paper we still get in this electronic age. I have gone paperless wherever possible, yet it still accumulates until the piles get dangerously high and could topple and flatten the kids. Still it's always a good feeling when chaos is slowly beaten back and order shyly raises its golden head. And I only had one argument with blackwifeo, which resulted in me grovelling and nearly having to take two trips to Jerusalem and back for penance. She took pity and got a ride. So paperwork done, guitar binding sanded, music server updated, bomb shelter storeroom cleaned out, stairs cleared of debris and we hosted the whitegoato and her brood for more hours than expected. All in all, a productive Friday.

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