Saturday, May 16, 2009


Every Saturday for the last month or so I have set out "exploring" the Holy Land. This week I took it easy and not only did I not blog yesterday, I slept in this morning. I had arranged to meet "The Beautiful Tal" in Tel Aviv and together we were to visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. This we did. As we walked down Even Gvirol street, dodging the cyclists and the in-crowd sipping their iced lattes at the streetside cafes, I was disappointed by the lack of photo opportunities. The Beautiful Tal allowed me to photograph her while we ordered her iced chocolate and my borekas, but the pictures do not do her justice. At the museum they took my bag, and strictly forbade any photography. So today's adventure, like the revolution, will not be televised, I'm afraid.

But, this being Israel, there was one memorable incident while The Beautiful Tal and I waited at a bus stop opposite the museum for our ride back. Here's Tal waiting:

So we're waiting and talking, when along comes what can only be called "a dude with a dog". He walks past us, glances at The Beautiful Tal and does a double take. He blurts out something lame like "if I would have know there was such a lovely woman at the bus stop, I would have swapped my dog for a bus". He then proceeds to hit on Tal with all his "charm". He tells her she's the most gorgeous creature he has ever seen and asks for her number. "No!" she says. He asks why. Tal, used to such attention, cuts him down to size and says "because my boyfriend loves me" (implying the boyf will kick this fool's ass). He accepts that he is way out of his league here, and slinks off, but not before asking if I was her father (or perhaps an uncle). Gotta Love Tel Aviv.

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