Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was walking home today. As I approached the Seven Star Mall, a little white car pulled up next to me and carefully maneuvered itself into position behind the last car before the entrance to the parking lot, partly blocking the exit. See the picture above. I was certain the woman behind the wheel was waiting in her car for someone and was amazed when she got out her car and waddled off towards the mall. There were plenty of free spaces in front of the very car she parked behind. So I called to her and asked "Lady, why park there and block the traffic when you can park in the empty spaces in front of that black car?" I'm sure you all know what she answered "What do you care?" or "מה אכפת לך".


BobA said...

She should have seen the big "Empty Parking" written on the road. :-)

blackpetero said...

Like our cats I don't think she reads English.