Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No More Knives

I realized there's another money saving reason to to be vegetarian this evening during dinner. Vegetarians do not need knives to eat their food. All we need are forks and spoons. At the table the family could think of no vegetarian food that requires knives to eat. (We always eat dinner at the table with place settings and everything, right). True, you need a few kitchen knives for food preparation. You need a bread knife, a paring knife to aid in grapefruit segmentation (thanks bso) and a vegetable knife for chopping salads. But, you never need add a knife to a vegetarians place setting at the table. We have no hard steak to cut, no chicken to debone and degrizzle. Even fake veggie chicken breast is soft enough to eat with a fork.

So should you choose vegetarianism, you can toss most of your knives. You really should still keep one or two to spread Marmite on your toast.

And there you thought I had no good ideas on how to survive the current recession.

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