Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Party Aftermath

We are certainly dragging today. The party went off OK. I don't think it can be counted in one of our top 10, but it was still good. The rain held off and things dried out enough that it was even possible to sit on the cushions in the "Shanti Corner". Amazingly enough after the last guests left at 3am, and an initial clean up, we still could not sleep (dammed jetlag). The girl came home around 4am and we three lay on the bed chatting till after 5 when we finally fell asleep. We then got up after noon to begin clean up. Seeing as we have to go through much of this again next week for the wife's father's 70th we left a lot of the "installations" standing and did not bring everything out of the basement.

The music and therefore the DJ has a lot to do with the success of a party. Last night's guy was certainly the lowest bid out of all the DJs we polled. His equipment was fine, but his taste in music and ours certainly had little overlap. We knew this going in and should have spent more time selecting and preparing music for him. What can you do, we only just came back home on Tuesday. I thank those who attended and hope you had a good time.

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Anonymous said...

Peter and Jo , all of your parties are always sababa , thanks so much for all the effort you people made , we all had a great evening.
P.S. Tell Jo that Yehuda had her lentil soup for lunch and supper = and sends compliments to the chef...thanks again and Happy 2011 to all. Avril