Monday, January 24, 2011

Her Talk

I just got home. What a day. It started at 10am at the university, a meeting at 12 at the kid's school, then another at 1:30. The girl's senior project presentation at 3pm and then a vaad meeting at 5pm, and a school board meeting at 6pm. It is now 11pm and I just got home.

The girl, bdo, did an awesome job with her senior project today. Her subject (believe it or not, this is close to her heart) was - "Serial Killers, Nature or Nurture". Her presentation was delivered with a confidence that showed she nailed this subject every which way. She covered her slides and gave a surprisingly complete and rounded talk with a beginning, a middle and an end. There was a moment after she was asked what she learned in the course of her project where she turned to the panel, smiled and in a self-deprecating way chuckled at how she always leaves things to the last minute but this project interested her so much that she stayed engaged from the outset. That she's thinking of perusing criminology as a career choice. All this with conviction and a perfectly disarming honesty. Like she was showing you a little bit of the real Dylan inside, and it's charming. It was one of those wonderful parenting moments when you realize that they can go so much further than you ever imagined. I'm so proud - what a nachas machine.

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oliviao said...

See, they grow up in spite of us!!I told you her paper was good!!Yaaay, Dyls.