Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunny Weather

Just another day at the ranch. The boy and I walked to his work this morning. Actually he walked to his work and I walked to the Beit Rishonim in Herzliya to give them a copy of my project (and a cake, the volunteers there were most helpful). It was very pretty outside and we had a good chat while we walked. I am happy to say that we never once had to talk about video-games, rather about evolution, mans inhumanity to man and other such deep subjects. It was all very pleasant. I took a bus home. Metopolitin, who now runs all the what was Egged lines in this area, have nice new buses and at that time of the morning it only took a few minutes to get home. I am so enjoying this last week of freedom.

The girl is feeling under the weather and whenever this happens everyone in the house suffers. She has a cold and being out all weekend and playing countless games of hockey clearly did not help. So she has been punishing us all day. I hope she gets well soon or else we will all go crazy.

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