Thursday, January 13, 2011


O.K. some technical stuff. I installed Ubuntu Linux 10.10 on a machine at work and here in my home office. I have some work to do and it makes sense to do the initial development on Linux and then move to the other platforms. I have installed many various flavours of Linux over the years, the last Ubuntu I used before this being version 9.3 - I has come a long way. I am impressed with how it keeps improving over the years. Now finding and installing those missing packages has become quite trivial. Most things just work and the interface is easy to use and quite pleasant to look at.

There are, of course, some things that make me a little nuts. Why are the desktop and application default fonts so big. Is everyone who uses Ubuntu blind? Of course, I changed them, now they are of normal size. I assume that like most people I'm trying to get as much data onto the screen at one time so I don't have to spend my life clicking around. In truth, Windows 7 does a good job at this. By default, the size of the fonts are just right. My screen looks professional - like I'm really working.

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