Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hockey Marathon

Every year at the kid's school they have a hockey marathon. This starts Friday morning and goes on till Saturday night. They divide the High School into two teams (red and blue) and four (I think) different levels of boys and girls and they play floor hockey non-stop for 36 or so hours.

It was bdo's (Dylan) last hockey marathon yesterday and today and so I went to brave the horribly noisy gym and watched for two hours before the closing ceremony. I was surprised to see all the seniors (bdo is a senior) in tears at the end of the ceremony (they have a whole ceremony passing the "Hockey Marathon Flag" from the seniors to the juniors). Bdo told me it was all very sad. I was swept back to those millions of years ago (77) when we finished High School. All I can remember is being happy. Maybe I've blocked some of it out over time, but I couldn't wait to finish school and start out in the "Real World". I suppose even then I enjoyed starting over.


SB said...

I can’t believe it is Hockey Weekend already. I should have felt it when I woke up at 8:40 and saw that it was 2 degrees F outside. What team color was/is Dylan on this year? Go that color!!!

Sorry to threadjack:
It’s interesting that you talk about Starting Over, today.

Today is my first day as a Clevelander. I’ve rented an apartment (a really nice place) and got the keys last Saturday. Sunday, I left for New York, and last night I returned to Cleveland to start over, again.

I know that you, like me, block out all the crap and remember only the fun, excitement, and happiness :^D, but I can tell you first hand… starting over sucks.

I went to Target, Costco, Best Buy, and several furniture stores to rebuy everything that I owned when I lived in Houston, sold or gave away when I moved to Israel, inherited new versions of in Israel and sold, gave away or returned to the previous owner when I returned to the US.

It sucks to be standing in Target with a toaster-oven in your hands and thinking about how good the one you had in Houston was, or about the dead deLonghi that used to catch fire in the Ha-Aliyah apartment. Plates, silverware, bedding, it’s all the same, you’re shelling out serious cash to recreate what you once had… or your distorted vision of what you once had, and how great it was.
At the end of the day one of being an Ohioan, I managed to get my kitchen mostly dealt with. I have a mattress, bed and night table scheduled for delivery on Tuesday. Next up is the living room. As you know I spend the bulk of my time there. I have sat on hundreds of sofas in the last 8 hours and it seems the only ones that I like are those that break the thousand dollar mark.

I have to dedicate tomorrow to the living room and line up a sofa, tables, chairs, and most importantly, a TV. I already have the cable setup… you know I can live without TV, but there’s no way in hell I’ll go without internet.

blackpetero said...

Good luck, bno. We miss you here and not only after New Years Eve parties when I have to take the blue tarp down.