Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Down with the Wire

We have been in this house for more than ten years. From day one we lived with the electrical wires that buzzed and crackled high overhead of the park outside. After a while we did not even notice them any more. The neighbors though, Hiki in particular, found them a huge issue and have been working for years to have them removed. But, the electric company moves at its own pace. A few weeks back (at the New Years Eve party actually) Hiki boasted that he had finally got them to do something about the high tension wires. Right, I thought. So I was surprised when last week some huge concrete blocks we deposited outside the house on the green space. The yellow "crime scene" tape casually draped around the blocks, claimed "Buried Cable - Electric Company".

Early Sunday morning I heard the sound of heavy machinery and was amazed to see workmen outside moving the huge blocks onto the back of a flatbed with a crane.

See the picture above shot from my home office window. Things were happening at last.

Later that day I went outside, and was amazed to see them climbing high and working on the wires. When I got home I was not surprised to see nothing had changed and the wires were still up there.

Then this morning, at 8am a orange jacketed, hard hatted worker knocked on the door and kindly asked me to move my car as they are taking the wires down. Wow! it is really happening. So far we have not even had any power failures (knock on wood and all that).

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