Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day Three - Wheelbarrows

Day three was filled with wheelbarrow runs for me. We took out a wall, three huge stones and cleaned our square. This afternoon we washed pottery. It's now nearly dinner, after which there's a lecture. I feel my body getting stronger, I never believed I would be able to do what I'm doing, and honestly I'm loving it. It gets hot up on the Tel and the sleeping is not fantastic but everything else is just so absorbing. It's wonderful to not have to be responsible for anyone, no real decisions or pressure. I have to admit that it's a little hard to be interested in the kids conversation around me. Most of them are no older than blacksono and the conversation is very American. But man, can they work hard, bucketful after bucketful. I am convinced there is no better place to observe group dynamics. For an avowed peoplewatcher like me, this is heaven. The staff and "bosses" are as friendly and welcoming as they are knowledgeable. You can't help sharing their enthusiasm and energy.

This is my wheelbarrow, not full but with some big rocks.

This is the edge of the dump. It looks surprisingly uninteresting, but it is high. That's the road to Tzomet Megiddo in the distance.

From the edge of our dump we can see this graveyard - it's where they bury failed team members :-)

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Jozie said...

Wait, are you saying that more went into that wheel barrow? I am impressed.