Monday, June 21, 2010

Day Seven - It's Hot, Africa Hot

I am sure by this stage you are all rather bored reading about my going up and down the Tel. Sorry, but it's what I'm doing at the moment and for me life has certainly not been boring. I am learning loads. I have been listening to the conversations of the college students working around me. They are a hard partying and hard working lot. By now, it's clear who are the workers and who have trouble focusing and getting their act together. By this stage various clicks have formed and the partnering up has begun. The field techniques course has been great, the lectures are difficult to sit through, it's just that it's hard to concentrate at 8pm when you get up at 4am.

It was hot today. Boiling hot. I drank and drank and am still trying to catch up. Usually our area gets some breeze and that helps, but today the sun just beat down. I was bathed in sweat most of the day. The dust sticks and you end up sticky and filthy. I find I am also eating like a horse. I have never been so hungry. The caterer told me she had never seen people eat so much in her life. Slave labor must be fed. As I have said before the food is surprisingly good. I try talk to work each day and it seems the squints are doing fine without me.

At some point before I came on the dig, I fancied I would like to do the seven week program. I am so glad work dictated that this was not to be. Three weeks is enough. I don't think I would survive seven weeks of this kind of work. I don't know how these people do it. Everyone is tired and achy. I assume it gets better over time, but tomorrow is the half way mark for me and it's still murder on my body. I am sore in places I never knew I had.

Be well everyone, it's time for me to go try sleep.

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