Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day Thirteen - Hot

So I was slammed in email for being too happy the last two and a half weeks. This is not what they pay me for, I was told. It's boring, boring, boring. Where is the complaining, where is the 80%, where is the blackpetero we have come to expect. Sorry people, this has been a wonderful experience. True, my body aches, bending feels like my spine is made of flaming steel and my body has enough cuts and scratches that it looks like I wrestled all 15 cats at home simultaneously. I eat enough for three people and drink half the Kinneret dry each day. I am also completely caught up on the dig gossip, I know who is hooking up with whom and who to keep away from. I can quote large portions of "Family Guy" and "South Park", but I'm a complete amateur when it comes to beer bongs. Oh and it was as hot as hell today.

They put the "finds" out on display today and I must admit it was great to see all the stuff that has been uncovered these weeks. My bead was there, it is a pretty orange color, as well as some of the other stuff we have found. Well, there are just two days to go and then I will get back to my usual whining and complaining, I promise.

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