Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Eleven - Back to Work

I missed my hour nap this afternoon and hence I'm more exhausted than usual. I spend a wonderful weekend at home and left at 3:30am this morning and was up the Tel by 5. The weekend was so laid back that I never blogged for two days, the first time in forever. I slept a lot and watched the World Cup. It is amazing how much you appreciate the simple pleasures of home after a week on the Tel.

So it was back to work with a vengeance. We dug and sifted many, many buckets of sand. I'm sad that my time here is nearly up. Things are just getting exciting as we are approaching what is believed to be a floor. It's a big deal in archaeological circles. I sharpened my trowel over the weekend, and it was so sharp that it cut my finger when I reached into my bag to get it this morning. I am not sure how much a sharp trowel helps, because my right hand is getting huge from hours of troweling in the hard dirt, and the edge becomes dull rather quickly.

Being able to go home on the weekends is a huge bonus. Most of the kids spend their weekends drinking and traveling around the country. They went to see the dig at Hazor on Friday and then to Masada and the Dead Sea on Saturday. Each night was spent in the Kibbutz pub. Yet they were all ready to work this morning. It's good to be young, but I wouldn't swap my weekend at home for anything.

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