Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Nine - Good

We did well today. The first part of the morning was spent reinstalling our shade. I like that kind of work as it took lots of rope and knots and my boy scout training paid off. Then we dug. We are coming down on what looks like a wall in my square. It is really exciting, but now we will probably need to take the rest of the square down to the same level. We work in quadrants and do a quarter of the square at a time, so once one quarter is lower than the others, we spend time leveling out the rest. This week has flown by, it's hard to believe that tomorrow I'm off home for the weekend. I will leave straight from the Tel and should be home by early afternoon. An hours drive and a completely different world. I have some pictures to post, but the wifi here is rather slow so I will post them over the weekend. That's it for today - I'm off to sleep (I hope).

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