Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day Four - The aches

My body aches. I am sore pretty much everywhere. At least I'm not alone in this, most of the people I spoke to day were suffering as the pain of four days of physical labor took its tole. We all moved slower, but still worked very hard. I am looking forward to going home for the weekend tomorrow. But I'm still having a great time, all except for sleeping, which I hear is overrated anyway. The snorer roars on.

We spent a lot of time taking down a platform in our square. There was a lot of dirt to shift. I did find a bead. I will attach a picture of it when I get it as someone else took a picture of it. When I told blackdaughtero what I had find, she said "is that all. I have hundreds of beads. What's so exciting about that?". How little the young know. It's nearly 10pm and I'm way past my bedtime. So goodnight.

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