Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Eight - The Wind

The forecast predicted that today would be the hottest day so far. Worst than yesterday. It was certainly very warm when as we walked up to our area this morning. But at 10:30am the Hamsin broke and with it came the wind. As previously mentioned our area is on top of the Tel and the wind up there is fierce, but today was unbelievable. The wind caught our shade and lifted it high, all the supports collapse and it flapped like a wild thing in the gusts. It was dangerous to say the least. Luckily no one was hurt and we evacuated the area quickly. We went down to help in area H, where we participated in our first bucket line. Basically a long line of people passing full buckets of dirt from one to the next until they are tipped into their dump. In our area (Q) we are lucky enough to have a straight wheelbarrow run to the edge of the Tel and so no lines are necessary. I have a new appreciation for my wheelbarrow. I had already grown rather fond of it. It's surprisingly satisfying to tip a load of sand and rocks over the edge and watch them tumble down the side. Small pleasures.

The chaos the wind caused meant a rather unscheduled day and I find I now have a free hour before dinner - a rare luxury, and another small pleasure. The wind has cooled and here at the Kibbutz the breeze is fresh and life is good. I feel my body getting stronger each day. While it still aches in the morning, I am able to work, crouching in my square, non stop for hours, taking water breaks when necessary. I have never absorbed more liquids and yet I can't seem to get enough. I miss home, the family and even the squints, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't having a good time.

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Jozie said...

how is your homemade knee pad working for you?