Sunday, July 5, 2009


I have often been asked why I blog. I ask myself the same question. This madness has been going on for 16 months now. Yesterday was my all time worst readership day - only 11 of you wasted your time reading what I had to say. I really can't complain, I started this for myself and swore I would not care if no one ever read anything I wrote. This was to be a record of things I found interesting and relevant.

I came home today after long hot hours at the salt mines only to find my bedroom had been rearranged. Again. Blackwifeo hasn't slept a wink for a good few months - and it must be the feng shui. So the bed was rotated ninety degrees, the tables, drawers and dressing table were all moved. Most importantly my side of the bed has now been swapped. Many, many men could not deal with this, but I am flexible. The last time this upheaval happened was November 2nd. You see, that's why I blog, how else would I know the exact date.


Martin Unsal said...

I read on Google Reader. So, make that 12. :)

blackpetero said...

Thanks Mart, I feel much better now.

gby said...
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gby said...

Actually, I suspect that are quite a few of us lurkers feeding of your RSS feed, Peter.

Gilad :-)

Laura said... can tell how many people read these things?

blackpetero said...

Yeah, check out google analytics. You put a little bit of code on your blog and you get all sorts of info. How many people read, where they come from etc. etc. You don't get info on RSS feeds its true as gby said. But, isn't the "internet" (making quote signs with fingers like Dr. Evil) great.