Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Working Class Hero

Blackdaughtero got a job. Let me repeat, blackdaughtero got a job. I so love the way that runs off the tongue I need to say it one more time .... blackdaughtero got a job. All on her own, after weeks of parental frustration and angst, and night after night coming home to sleep when it's light out, she convinced someone to hire her. She is pumping coffee at our "quickie mart" equivalent, the gas station convenience store. It's been two days already - and most astonishingly she was at work by 8am this morning. (The fuzzy picture above is her in her uniform before she left, still a bit blurry from too little sleep). She worked 8 whole whole hours today (and 4 yesterday at 20.7NIS an hour - how many more hours to an iPhone?). What a happy dad I am. The boy has been slaving away the whole summer, and now the girl too has a job. My work here is almost done.

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