Monday, July 13, 2009

In The News

Two news items caught my eye today. Firstly a Saudi family is suing a genie for harassment - yes a genie, the kind that pops out of a lamp when you rub it. Its really been annoying, throwing stones, leaving them threatening voicemails and stealing their cell phones. What are they suing for? Three wishes, I should hope. This must be true, it was on CNN.

Closer to home we have the equally bizarre case of the Jerusalem District Court Judge's decision not to convict a yeshiva student who ran over an Ethiopia-Israeli parking lot cashier. The (religious) judge apparently did not want to spoil the man's chances of being appointed as a judge in the rabbinic court. Not only did this "haredi" idiot try leave the parking lot without paying, he then ran over the parking lot attendant and carried her 15 meters. Worst of all he attempted to deny the incident until confronted with video from a security camera. Lovely. Just the sort we need on our rabbinical courts. Better yet, the District court judge who did not want to impact the yeshiva student's future by passing a "moral turpitude" judgment on the driver, is himself a candidate for the Supreme Court. You couldn't invent a better story if you tried.

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