Sunday, July 19, 2009

Suzanne Vega

Blackdaughtero and I saw Suzanne Vega tonight. Excellent concert. Jo was supposed to come with me, but she put her back out washing my socks and so is confined to bed, most sad and unhappy. My young daughter claims she was not texting throughout the concert, rather she was "writing the names of the songs, so she could look up the words later" - excellent excuse I have to say. The highlight of the evening began with an initial heart dropping dread on seeing the huge lines of people waiting to pick up their tickets at the cashiers windows, only to be followed by the complete glee of realizing that the "aleph" line (our last name begins with an aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet) was completely empty. Score! The only real downer was the annoying woman sitting behind us who insisted on singing over the vocals. Luckily she only knew the songs on the first album, and anyway, someone eventually leaned over and told her they paid to listen to Suzanne Vega, not her. So she shut up.

Good Sushi, Good Company, Good Music, Good Night!

Note: Special thanks to Shirley for calling for the tickets and choosing the excellent Sushi place.

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