Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maid To Order

We finally have a maid worth keeping. Aziza of Kalanswa. Over time she has taken to showing blackwifeo how to make some staple Arab dishes. She initially won me over with her Tabouli. A huge bowl showed up at a party we had, it was fresh, slightly sour and green with parsley it tasted like an early morning swim. Then last week she made some sort of rice with veggies. Delicious. Today she made cauliflower patties with mint, almond rice, cabbage salad and roasted eggplant in tehina. What at treat. Who cares how she cleans!

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jozie said...

Aziza (also know as Im Ibrahim) is awesome, I totally love her. But a car fell on top of her car a few weeks ago(not kidding) so she has to take things easy. Very difficult in our messy abode. Next week she is going to teach me to make real pitot and hummus. Maybe you should blog it.