Thursday, June 25, 2009

Segev Lunch

A week or so ago was our anniversary. I took my lovely young wife of 22 years to lunch at the exclusive "chef's restaurant" Segev. The lunch deal at Segev is not too terrible (115 NIS, less if you remember to use your lunch card, I didn't). I love their food. I had my favorite salad in Israel, which is saying a lot because there are a lot of decent salads around the Holy Land. This one is a stylish mix of all sorts of sprouts and other root vegetables in a spicy sauce. It's very tangy and crunchy and fresh. They then made to order a veggie plate with some sort of giant gnocci for me, while Jo had the smoked eggplant and some sort of fish. All through the meal they brought refills of the wonderfully freshly baked bread. The lunch is actually worth it for the bread alone.

We always sit up at the top so we can look down on the kitchen. They make everything while you wait and it's completely fascinating. The attention to detail is remarkable. The wait staff spoiled us with little icy drinks between courses (special non alcoholic ones for the wife) and even laid on a bite sized dessert to celebrate our whole anniversary thing. I have to say my food was well over 80% and the service was of equal quality. But never fear, the 80% always rears it's ugly head, even at the better restaurants.

We noticed two spelling mistakes on the English menu (golden leave instead of gold leaf and carry instead of curry). There are those that would say only two spelling mistakes on an Israeli English menu is near perfection. But we expected more. Jo let them know as we were leaving and they ooohed and aaahed and pretended that they will change it immediately. We shall see.

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