Monday, June 15, 2009

Festivid 2009

Tonight was Festivid 2009 at the kid's school, where high school kids studying video arts showed their goods. There were 18 videos ranging from the annoyingly loud to the deeply insightful, some were very good indeed. Today's kids are very lucky that they have access to these type of classes and the necessary equipment. Blacksono won a honorable mention for best special effects and an award for the best sound. It was extremely enlightening looking at school life through the eyes of high schoolers. I have become completely disconnected. Most videos were pretty dark and connected in some way with death. It seems its as torturous to be in high school now as it was way back when I was in school.

One of the videos featured the Israel Parkour Team. Parkour and Freerunning are forms of urban acrobatics. The awesome example below was posted by John to his facebook page a while back.

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oliviao said...

Wow! Blacksono has talent in so many areas - awesome!