Monday, June 8, 2009

Espresso Love

It's a known fact that squints run on coffee. Our squints, being high powered professionals need excellent coffee. Only the best will do. For years Sophia Lavazza has slaved away. While her body has been replaced many times, her spirit and her desire to produce good espresso remains solid to the core. She reminds me of an old Italian grandmother, shuffling around slowly in her black dress. Reliable, a bit grumpy, but always ready to make you your double.
But, times move on and the winds of change can be felt even in our air conditioned halls. Yesterday this new fangled Caffitaly machine showed up for a trial. I tried to be open minded. I tried to give it a chance. But something was bothering me. Then I realized. Damm, It's the head of a Dalek (watch Dr. Who if you don't know what a Dalek is). They are bad, evil things. On top of it all the coffee is not as good.

Please can we have Sophia back!

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