Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I used to play guitar. When I was young, learning to play Davy Graham's Anji was what you worked for. Of course, I never got it quite as good as I would have liked. It's a timeless piece of finger style guitar, and I still butcher it from time to time. I discovered the following clip on YouTube while looking for a decent version. Believe it or not, this is Paul Simon and his little brother Ed, in 1968. Paul Simon played his version on the excellent Sounds of Silence album from 1966.

p.s. While looking for Davy Graham, one of the best there ever was, on YouTube, I stumbled across this clip, the reason it's good the sixties are over. The guitar is amazing, but that dancer must go.

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jozie said...

Just so ya'll know, Peter used to play Anji all the time and bloody well too, I might say. I married him because of it.