Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am so extremely tired today that I cannot do a good job. So I'll revert to posting other people's links and some griping. Firstly, go look at this incredible street painting. Alon posted a link on FB its worth the click. Bob posted this excellent Obama moment, which clearly is big news in the US judging by the Republican gripes about him not taking his job seriously, what with this Colbert moment and the NYC date with Michelle. Fools.

But all that aside, I need an intervention (again). You know I believe in exercise. It helps me keep my weight in check and I feel good after. So a year or so ago, I started walking. My knees just couldn't deal with the running anymore. I started out walking at the beach, for maybe forty mins, four times a week. Then I tried walking from home to work a few times (around one hour twenty minutes). Then I started trying to walk to or from work each day and do a walk on the weekends. Then Larry bought a bike so I started biking one direction (instead of the bus) and walking the other. So this morning I biked into work and this evening I walked home in the heat. It's all well and good, but now I'm always so hungry I eat more than the average Somalian village. I'm putting on weight, and no it's not muscle, unless muscle develops in flabby tires around one's waist. So I'm trapped in this vicious cycle of more exercise, which makes me more hungry which makes me exercise more. And I'm bone weary. Agggggh.

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Martin Unsal said...

Funny that you mention that show. When I saw the signoff with Colbert and his new haircut, I did a double take, he looks like petero!