Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh, My Hat!

Blackwifeo pointed out this article, while I was in the midst of a post about my lovely walk and I feel I must rant. Our wonderful Haredim have mobilized against an anti-fur bill in the Knesset, aimed at preventing the import of fur or textiles made from dogs, cats or rabbits. These religious fanatics claim that by banning the import of these furs, the shtreimel industry (those funny black fur hats they wear) will basically go to the dogs. MK Menachem Eliezer Moses (of United Torah Judaism), check him out he looks like someone's kind old grandfather (with a red hat he could be Santa), expounded the following drivel:"It would be unthinkable to support a bill that forbids the import of products for such important, clearly religious purposes. We are not in the Middle Ages, when wearing pronounced Jewish symbols was prohibited". These idiots walk around dressed up exactly as if they are in the middle ages. These hats have nothing at all to do with the Jewish religion. I thought the bible taught us to be good to animals, why kill just to make silly hats? I bet the shtriemel industry donates heavily to United Torah Judaism. According to Wikipedia (the font of all knowledge), shtriemels cost anywhere from $1000-$4000. They are usually given to the bridegroom as a wedding present by the bride's father. There's obviously big bucks in black fur hats.

So last week we had them stoning a parking lot, this week they're up in arms about their hats. These guys are totally getting out of hand. If you want a good laugh read some of the talkbacks that have been posted on the article in ynet.

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