Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Noise

I slept badly last night. I just could not get comfortable. Either too hot or too cold. It's perfect weather outside, a little chilly but not cold, nevertheless I just could not find myself the right position. And there was noise. Bdo had some friends over and even though they tried to be quiet, some of them spent the evening (till after 2am) directly under my window. I am just not used this noise at night. We live on a busy street in London (Petersham Road) and there is constant traffic, but it is in the background, behind the double paned windows. We can't even hear the rain from our bed. The only noise at night is Roxy's occasional furious barking at something that messes with her mind (a fox? cat? mouse?). There is so much noise here in Raanana. Besides the kid's friends, there's the sirens on Ahuza, the house alarms (two went off in the early morning), the scooters delivering the newspapers at dawn, some kids coming back from Tel Aviv across the road and listening to music in their car. There is the constant hubbub of Israeli life outside the windows (which are open). I am just not used to it.

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