Sunday, November 3, 2013

Newland's Corner

Each weekend bwo and I try visit somewhere new. Usually it's in Surrey or one of the surrounding counties. Last weekend I had a fantastic walk around The Devil's Punchbowl while bwo was off at a conference. Today we visited Newland's Corner. It's not too far down the A3, before Guilford, overlooking the North downs. We left quite early and had a wonderful, if a bit chilly walk along the ridge overlooking the downs. Here is a very bad picture, perhaps bwo has something better (I don't think she reads the blog anymore).
Roxy had the best time, sniffing out the many rabbit holes and charging up and down the slopes. One very important aspect of these weekend trips is that there be a cafe, snack bar, tea room or some place bwo can get something to warm up with after a walk in the country. Newland's Corner seems to be a meeting place for "Hell's Grandfathers", there were dozens of octogenarians on their shiny Harleys, hanging around the kiosk looking tough-ish. Bwo found it curiously English that they would stroll up to the counter all buff in their black leathers and jack boots and order a "cuppa tea" (with a spot of milk).

Their veggie burger made the perfect breakfast (bwo had a bacon roll). All in all a very nice place.

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