Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Norwegian Wood

We had the whole family in the car on the way up north to Leistershire for our narrow boat trip a few weeks ago. Bwo and I took a leaf out of cousin Jordy's book and decided to get all of us to make a "life tape". The idea was to make a mixed tape (actually a USB drive) with the songs that marked important points in our lives. Basically songs that defined an important period or person or place. I started out with 10 songs, and soon after some thought (it's harder than you think) I came up with 53 songs (one for each year). We played them in order from Richmond to somewhere near Nottingham. I told the story behind each song. It was great. A special experience and something I recommend.

Anyway. The first song on my list was Norwegian Wood by the Beatles. It reminds me of growing up at 35 Mill Park Road. My sister was an avid Beatles fan. She would scream each time any of their songs came on the radio. For some reason this song has always typified that time for me. I was lucky to have an older brother and sister, who had reasonable musical tastes in the late 60's. Listening to this I can close my eyes and I'm around 8 years old lying on my back on the floor in the passage near the front door, listening to the old "radiogram" in the study at number 35. I had a great childhood. PE was paradise.

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