Saturday, November 16, 2013

Alice Holt Forest

Today we visited the Alice Holt Forest. Excellent place (I'll let the pictures talk for themselves, just look at the fall colours). Lynn and I and Roxy walked the Lodge Pond Trail, while bwo sat at the tea room and created zentangles (more on this some other time). We had a wonderful walk, Roxy just loved it, she ran and jumped and darted everywhere. The smells and trees and mud. Dog Heaven. My chip butty (basically a roll with french fries inside) made the perfect post walk snack. This weather is perfect for these kind of walks, it was not too freezing although there was frost on the ground in places, more crisp than cold. A part of the forest has been given over to "go ape", it's a sort of tree top adventure, where you cross rope bridges, Tarzan swings and zip lines - all high up in the trees. Just the sort of thing the UK squints could love, I think we should do some team building here.

The ride home took longer than usual to avoid Twickenham as England vs. New Zealand rugby was on, but I still got home in time to watch the game.

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