Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Phantom of the Paradise

I explained a few weeks back about the whole "life tape" thing. Where we made mixed tapes (or USB sticks) identifying important music that epitomize transitions in our lives.When I was young, the movie "Phantom of the Paradise" seemed to show up time and again. I remember seeing it at the Habonim Bayit, at the school hall, at birthday parties and even at camp one year. The music reminds me of those days. The film, which I have not seen for many years, has probably not aged well, but I still like the music. I wish I could post the actual clip from the movie for this "Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye". All the words are deeply engrained and I enjoyed chanting "Eddie believed the 'Merican people had wonderful, love giving hearts..." and so on to the kids in the car while driving up north. I really takes me right back to those difficult teenage years. Perhaps it's time to try find the movie again.


brianisra said...

And why didn't you ask me if I've got it?? Nu be'emet!

brianisra said...

And in HD!

blackpetero said...

I'm coming to see it when I'm next in town. Then.