Thursday, November 14, 2013

High Viz Yellow

OK, I need to confess. I bought something that was not at all black. I admit it. I bought a high visibility, bright yellow (with reflective horizontal stripes) waterproof jacket. It was a matter of life and death, it's really a matter of Pikuach Nefesh (פיקוח נפש). I was walking the girly in the dark, early morning a few weeks back, when a car reversed out of their driveway and nearly ran us over. I was dressed in my usual, black shoes, socks, underwear, T-shirt, shirt, sweater and North Face. So I suppose they may have had trouble seeing me and my black (with white accent) dog. I decided I must have one of those high viz jackets that almost everyone who spends any time outside in the UK wears. You see these on cyclists, policemen, joggers, road crew, motorcyclists, firemen, crossing guards, and dog walkers. The postman has one, as do all the garbage men, even the Amazon delivery chap has one.

Amazon did not have the one I really wanted in stock (from Mountain Warehouse). Bwo tried the store in downtown Richmond, but they were fresh out of stock. They did give her a coupon for free shipping. So we bought one from their webpage. All of £14. I waited patiently for it to arrive, careful not to be run down on our dark walks. The webpage promised 3-5 days delivery. Well, a week went by, then another. Still no jacket, and all the while me dodging cars and trucks and buses in the dark. So I called customer service. It seems "something unusual happened" between the order and the warehouse - basically nothing. They had lost my order, after apologizing profusely they promised to send it out next day. Oh, and to only charge me £7. The jacket arrived in all its bright yellowness the next day. I am pleased to say I am now visible from space.


oliviao said...

Guess I should bring my yellow marinac!!Only a week to go - yaaaaay

Unknown said...

BPO wearing yellow…there must be not just frost on the garden today but also the inner regions of Hades.