Sunday, August 21, 2011


Our girl has been spending quite a bit of time at the tent city (well more like a hamlet) that sprung up at Yad LeBanim in Raanana.  These tents are part of the greater social protests going on around the country.  She sleeps over there when she can and has been baby sitting the children of the tent people during the days when she is free (she has been working at a coffee shop in the center of town).  I asked her what she is protesting as she seemed generally to believe that the money tree in the garden is always in full bloom.  She told me it is unfair that people can't get affordable housing in Raanana and that anyway there are cute boys hanging out around the tents.  She has a well developed social conscience (and social program - the other social). She is lovely and a joy to have around. Funny and quick, with the perfect amount of the grumpy misery gene. She has really grown up the last few months. Pity the fool....

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