Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I had to give back the Insight. I wasn't too upset, as I never really bonded with it. I've never been one that cares too much about cars. I like them to go from here to there, and to be clean, and quiet. I've chosen a black Prius for my next vehicles, but while it's being ordered, I am stuck with temporary replacements.

On Sunday I was presented with a Huyundai i30.  Quite a horrid little thing.  The indicators did not click back after you turn, the window cleaning fluid did not squirt. It smelled like a brothel and worst yet, the aux. input was faulty. I could not listen to my lectures on Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean. This just would not do so Carmit got on the phone and they changed the car out today.

Believe it or not, the piece of crap Chevrolet I was presented with today is even worse. I have never driven a more underpowered car. Even the mizbeleh would leave it standing at a traffic light. And it makes a noise like a D200 earth mover. If you leave the A/C on while driving you need to get out and push. It keeps jerking from gear to gear, maybe it's broken. I'm just too embarrassed to say anything. I think I'll just wait for my Prius (maybe start walking to work).

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mart said...

I understand that you would prefer the Prius over the Insight, but I LOVE my Insight. I get an average of 5.2 liters per 100 KM. Not too shabby.

The question begging asking here is.... how do you know the smell of the inside of a brothel?