Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Road to Rhodes.

Blackdaughtero is off to the Island of Rhodes on Thursday (it's part of Greece).  She is traveling with a friend whose father scored the tickets from his work at a major bank here in Israel.  It's quite a deal. They spend three nights on the Island complete with breakfast and dinner at a nice hotel, all included. Last night we went to meet the parents of bdo's traveling companion. Of course, I was not thrilled to have to go out of an evening (after sitting patiently through a nephew's 7th birthday party), but I must say it was very informative and more than a little disheartening.

The father of the friend had done his homework and then some.  He proceeded to follow a well thought out and documented process to explain what needs to happen between now and Thursday morning when they board the flight.  Then what to do on the flight and where to sit and then where to go and who to follow to get to their hotel and what to do at the check-in (insist on rooms in the 2000 or 3000 range and on the first floor).  He then went into depth as to what attractions they should visit, how long the bus rides should take, where they should stop and bathe and where to shop.  All this information he collected from people that had been to Rhodes (he also had a map) - he himself has yet to visit. Now, let's face it.  I would have shoved bdo onto a plane and expected her to make her own way and find out what and where to go all on her own.  But then it seems I'm just a lazy, unfocused and unmotivated father. 

As we were leaving after this most edifying visit, the father said: "you think this was preparation, you should see how organized I am when I travel". Yikes!


oliviao said...

What a boring guy - I love our way of doing things - wake up and go!

Greta said...

That father reminds me of John. He prepares for months before a trip. But now that I have an iphone all that prep has proved unnecessary, but dont tell him that!