Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Morning

I dropped bdo off at her travel companion's place this morning at 6am.  She is excited to be off on her own but also rather apprehensive. She does not like flying. We will definitely miss her for the three days while she is enjoying herself on the beaches of Rhodes.  She really is a force.

I hereby swear I will try not to get quite as pissed off with the squints and sundry that are involved in our life at this busy time.  I felt like biting heads off yesterday.  Obviously the stress is getting to me, I am not sleeping and am very short of temper (and of patience, but that is nothing new).  The days are long and busy and there are so many micro decisions to make that I find looking back on a day's work I cannot remember anything I have done, but am still exhausted. Even bwo's infinite patience, kindness and nurturing nature is clearly tiring of all this. Not much longer now, hopefully all will be over soon.

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