Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Hot

I can't seem to find a cool place to put myself.  Even lying in the dark on my bed with the a/c full blast is not helping.  I went to visit Yavne Yam this morning. We were asked to come later in the morning, after their breakfast. It was hot and humid. I have not stopped sweating since then.  There is no point in complaining too much as this humid weather will not ease until at least the end of August. My heart goes out to all those protesting all over the country in their tents.  It must be very tough without a/c.  But one must suffer for their causes. I've just finished doing the dishes and the sweat is dripping off me.  I'm in the wrong country weather-wise, that's for sure.

Read Sayed Kashua's column about his view of the protests. He is excellent.

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