Thursday, August 4, 2011


Grey Randolph Ostrin had his brit today.  We are proud to have another Ostrin male joining the clan.  Mazel Tov to Paul and Carrie and Arnie and Olive. His Hebrew name is Gershon. I hope he is lucky enough to get his great uncle and his namesake's temperament else it would be a shunda on the neighbors.  The mother-figure looks well.


oliviao said...

So far so good, but after the brit he went right to sleep and as I remember his namesake had not slept "for years"!! Sweet boy, also hope he gets Uncle Gus' temperament and sense of humor.

oliviao said...

Great great uncle - you are his great uncle!

blackpetero said...

Wow, that's true. I'm a great uncle.

Anonymous said...

Mazel tov to Arnie, Olivia, Paul and Carrie, the little one is absolutely adorable.
Wonderful to know there is now another Gershon Ostrin in the family.
Hoping that he will have a little bit of my father and your father, which is surely a winning gene combination.
Of course, a big mazel tov to Great Granny Omi, looking very good !!!!!!!!! Love to all , Avril

Anonymous said...

Should read: Great great Granny Omi!!!!!!!!