Monday, December 13, 2010

We're now in Cali, but looking back on Bucks County

I missed out blogging for a few days mainly because we were having such a good time, that I was loath to even open my computer. We are now in California after a long, delayed flight from Newark. We got in late last night and Jonathan and Dewi have been as welcoming as ever.

We had an awesome time in Bucks County with Suzanne and Todd. There are some people in this world who it is very easy to feel at home with. They spoiled us rotten. We spent time eating, walking, talking and netfliking. Lots of talking. As much as I may claim to be anti-social, there are some people in this world who are a pleasure to be around. I have been blessed with close friends throughout my life, and it is especially sweet when you find the kind of friends that you are completely comfortable with no matter how often you see them. All I can say is we had a special time.

That's the stream we walked along, and yes that's ice on the water. It was cold. But their house was warm and light and friendly.
No this is not where they live, it's a picture bwo took with her iphone of one of an old mill in the area.
Our walk in the cold. Gomez seemed to have no problem with the weather. He enjoyed being outside and chasing sticks. Dogs are much friendlier than cats.

We were sad to leave our friends, but the trip continues. It feels like we are going from dream house to dream house. J+D's house in California is really nice. Work starts for me today. I am still missing having a camera. I will have to wait till I get to Houston for that to be remedied.

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Anonymous said...

Peter and Jo-
The pleasure was all ours. You were wonderful guests. Low carbon footprint and all that. Our dog moped around after you left. And of course many thanks for the laughter and tech support. Netflix has changed my life.